Liberties Training Centre Graduate Testimonials


Clive Kenny

“I was doing an engineering course with Karl for 2 years. I have to say it was an amazing experience. l learned a lot of new skills and that’s where I am today in a job and the instructor Karl was very nice .He taught me loads over the 2 years in the course. He helped me get a job that I’m still in now and taught me how to do welding which I do in work. The training Centre is an amazing experience and  able to change your life and get a career. I’d tell anyone starting are career to  start off in the Centre, it changed my life for the best and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t do the engineering course”


Susanne Thomas

“Well my time in the centre was the best days of my younger life. All the staff was great. They couldn’t have done anymore for you. Johnny Fox was always picking up for us when we would be given Sabrina a hard time lol. John Reid was one of the kindest men and always helped you out. Tony G…..the best teacher ever lol. Tony Hannon, the manger put everything in to the centre and of course us. Ken S, he loved his two fried eggs and if he didn’t get them, his face was priceless. Everyone loved  Ann mcG because she was the new staff member and the younger one and we loved sitting in her room and of course Josey never had a bad word to say about anyone xx”


Sarah Osbourne

“From the first day I walked into the centre,  I was made feel like part of something.People actually put effort into you and believe ye can do something and that’s a nice feeling. It’s a like a big family. There’s ups and downs but when you needed someone there’s was always someone to turn to. I will always look at it as the place that made me grow up an be responsible”


Ger O’Shea

”Well it been a few years since I done engineering with Karl, what a great instructor he was. Always went above and beyond for the students. I’m a full time soldier now trying to get into the engineer corps and Karl thought me all I know and the grub wasn’t bad in the place either!”


Myles Brady

“I had a great time in the training centre. I learned a lot of lessons about the real working world and which lessons I should take with me! Especially Karl’s “if your going to be late make sure you ring in”. There was a strong sense of community felt between all of the staff and trainees in my opinion. I really had a lot of fun whilst learning new skills, going to the gym and swimming. Barry’s cooking class made us all a fry on Friday !!! , I always recommend it to any body wanting to upskill!”


David Corish

“I had a wonderful experience in Barry’s cooking course. I was there for 18 months and learned a lot of new things that I thought you would ever learn. I loved Friday especially because it was a day we could make any dessert we wanted to. I liked Wednesdays  when we went to Catherine’s to the gym and then we would all have a game of football even though I couldn’t kick a ball straight so I was the goalkeeper and being 6’3 you could never get it in the goal . . I loved computers and doing the ECDL with Joan.  I recommend Barry’s class if you like cooking and made loads of new friends”


Gary May

“The best training centre in Dublin if not Ireland!!! It helped me a lot. The way the staff all had an input if you ever had a problem. On that note the staff are second to none!!! I can’t thank everybody enough. Especially Ann who was my instructor in the course I done. She was like a ma to all us haha”


Jade  Keogh

“It’s been a good few years since I done the catering course with Barry! I absolutely loved every minute of it. Barry made it very enjoyable for everyone and we were like a little family. Everyone was so helpful while I attended liberties CTC and even after I left they helped out with CV’s and were happy to help with applications for jobs and references. I’m now employed in hospitality a few years now . I can’t say enough about everyone in the centre. They all went out of their way to help as much as they could for everyone. Best years of my life there”


Jessica Whelan

“I attended the Liberties Training Centre and loved every minute of it. I gained excellent computer skills and completed ECDL which still stands in my favour to this day. The staff are an excellent bunch, made me feel very welcome. I looked forward to going in every morning! That says enough about the place. Barry, Ann, Betty, Carmel and can’t forget Mr Tony Gilmore! much love for you’s all, loved my time with you’s”


Carl Early

“Brilliant training centre, with great staff focused on getting the best from their trainees and helping the Liberties community. While I was a trainee, I completed the woodwork course, ECDL, Computer Literacy course & re-sat my maths Junior Cert exam. Iimproved from a D to a B. Also received a cert in Manual Handling,  Fire Safety & completed the Safe Pass. No training centre offers so much. Thanks to all who all the staff who worked during my 13 months there. All great memories!”


Lauren Byrne

“My time in Liberties Training Centre was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. I was apart of the office procedures class with Ann, (Ithink I was apart of the catering class too because Baz seen me there much haha). I learned so much from the staff and met a lot of amazing people and made a lot of great friends and memories. Without my training I wouldn’t be were I am today and I will always be grateful for that. I am always getting complements on my CV’s and all of the training I have done. I always hear people talking negative about others that go to Fas. “People who go to Fas are lazy and should get a real job” for example. I don’t think that is true.  I have learned a lot from my time in Fas, how to deal with situations in life and how to be a better person. I think choosing to go to Fas was the best thing I have ever done and I will be forever grateful to all the staff who helped me during my time there. They are a great aspect to our community and even though I am out of Fas 3 years now I know that if I ever needed a helping hand with anything the staff would always be there not only for me but for everyone, and thanks for Betty for her chicken currys, they were the best haha”


Tina West

“I started in the training centre in September 2012. I thought it would be similar to secondary school but I was completely wrong! 😀 My year in the centre was by far one of the best and most memorable time ever!! I was part of the Office Procedures course with Ann mcGuinness as my instructor (the best, sorry Baz)! From all the different modules I learned and improved on different subjects so much! I also got a chance to complete the ECDL course which looks great on my CV .We also took part in a lot of fun activities for around the area such as the Senior Citizens Dinner, the photographs around the liberties, the centres Christmas quiz/dinner & also trips to zip lining and walking to bray (I’m not sure if it was bray haha). If I could ever get a chance to go back to the centre I would in a heartbeat!! It was the most fun I ever had learning/training 😀 ps can’t forget Betty’s chicken curry”


Conor Farrell

“Bettys chicken curry has to get a shout”