QQI Certification

Liberties Training Centre has strict and independent guidelines to follow during the process of certification.

Certification process

Exams/Skills Demonstrations

Education Training Board given 10 days notice by centre.

Trainee signature required to show attendance during exam/skills demonstration

Completed collection of profolio by trainees

Education Training Board given 10 days notice by centre.

Correcting trainee’s portfolio

Instructors follow strict guidelines correcting work as set out by QQI.

Internal Verification

All collected/corrected portfolios verified by an internal verifier to ensure instructors have adhered to criteria as set by QQI.

External Verification

Internally verified work is now assessed by an External Independent Assessor to ensure all the previous steps & guidelines have been followed.

ETB Audit

CDETB assessors verify that the external and internal verification process have been thoroughly completed.

RAP Meeting – Results Approval Panel

Centre manager, Chair of Board of Management, Chief Internal Verifier & representative from CDETB meet to assess the process, evaluate generated reports and conclude the certification process.

Upon completion of this process, QQI are notified and certificates can be issued.

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