We offer our trainees a QQI accredited Woodwork course as a starting point to “get an apprenticeship” or just to “try out woodwork” to see if they like it.

This course is expanding all the time. At present, the areas covered within the course are:

  • Hand-tool & Power-tool identification
  • Sharpening chisels/hand-planes
  • Timber identification & it’s uses
  • Technical drawing
  • Cutting lists/Pricing
  • Learn to master woodwork joints which are needed to completed the 3 accredited projects
  • Construct a range of projects from the skills and techniques that you will acquire


Trainees are encouraged to design & construct their own projects as part of the course.


Below are some pictures of the projects which trainees completed as part of their course

Liberties Training Centre Woodwork course dublin 8  Liberties Training Centre Woodwork course dublin 8

Liberties Training Centre Woodwork course dublin 8


The QQI modules associated with the course are:

  • Woodwork (level 3)
  • Woodcraft (level 4)
  • Workplace Safety (level 4)
  • Technical Drawing (Level 3)
  • Work Experience (level 4)


Other sections which were added to the course to help trainees gain employment are:


Other modules which are part of the course and required in order reach the QQI  major award are:

  • Career Preparation
    (Learn how to write a CV & cover letter,how to apply for jobs online and in person,how to dress for and conduct yourself in an interview)
  • Personal Effectiveness
    (Learning about your strengths/weaknesses, values and qualities, work as a team, setting and tracking goals)
  • Computer Literacy
    (Learn about computers in everyday life, security issues & safety)
  • Application of Number
    (Learn basic maths which is relevant to your course, an apprenticeship and daily life)


Here are some pictures of work in progress by our trainees:








The National Framework of Qualifications below is marked at the level that our modules are set at:

Liberties Training Centre Dublin 8


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