Tourism & ICT Skills

Our Tourism & ICT (Information Computer Technology) skills course is part of our Tourism & Hospitality course.

The course covers a broad spectrum with trainees and educates them on the basics of looking for employment, preparing and conducting themselves in an interview along with relevant computer related modules to help trainees gain employment.


Included in the course are modules which allow trainees to spent time outside the centre, learning about the local area and the wider Dublin city as part of our Tourism Visitor Care module.


The ICT Skills course has proven successful with the majority of trainees progressing to employment or further education.


The QQI modules associated with the course are:

  • Word Processing
  • Internet Skills
  • Career Preparation
  • IT Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Tourism Visitor Care
  • Application of number
  • Functional maths


Some shots of the trainees during the course:

Liberties Training Centre Tourism course in Galway
Galway Christmas Market


Liberties Training Centre Tourism course in a boat trip in dublin
Dublin Bay Tours trip


Liberties Training Centre Tourism course in Paris
Paris 2017



Liberties Training Centre ICT SKills course dublin 8
Information Communication Technology room (ICT)




The National Framework of Qualifications below is marked at the level that our modules are set at:

Liberties Training Centre Dublin 8